Thursday, December 25, 2008

Butterbeans, Susie and Fernando's Nostalgia

Tune: Papa Ain't No Santa Claus (Mama Ain't No Christmas Tree) by Butterbeans and Susie

More on Butterbeans and Susie in 2009

A few years ago for Christmas I was at Chef Fernando's Nostalgia in the Goan countryside [far from the beach] helping out in the kitchen for their big holiday feasts.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ash Gourd For Petha

Ash Gourd at the Alemany Farmers Market
Let's make PETHA

Petha is a famous sweet dish from Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal.
After peeling and slicing ash gourd, the next step in making petha is to prick the pieces with a fork, docking the gourd with holes all over. Then the pieces must be soaked in lime water made by combining a few tablespoons of Calcium Hydroxide with enough water to cover the gourd pieces. Calcium Hydroxide aka kitchen lime, mineral lime or simpley CAL is all one in the same. It is also used to make fresh masa for tortillas and tamales. A good Mexican market should stock Cal. This is the season for fresh tamales! I bought mine at the market in Goa and I just ask for "lime for petha" Although Petha is a specialty of Agra, it is sold in sweet shops all over India. Soak the ash gourd for one hour in the lime water and then rinse under cold water for 5 minutes.

Next, boil the gourd pieces in alum water. Alum is used for shaving in India. It feels great on the face. But it is also used for making petha.

Break off a small piece of alum and disolve it in boiling water to make the alum water. Simmer the gourd pieces until they become transluscent.
Once it becomes transluscent, drain and cover with a thick simple syrup flavored with rose or kewra [pandan leaf], or go against the tradition and flavor the petha with saffron, like I did. Simmer for 25 minutes over low heat and chill in the syrup. When chilled, drain and serve. Like nothing else.

The steel drummer of Alemany Farmers market

Tune: Esta Navidad by Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón

Tune: El Año Viejo by Tony Camargo

Tune: Navidad Negra by Unknown Artist [Lita Nelson cover]

Tune: New Year Sikiza via Matsuli Music

One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received was the Nuestra Musica LP by El Gran Combo from DJ Don Bustamonte. The album is full of holiday tunes.
I share with you the first three songs from side A:

Tune: El Arbolito by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Tune: La Fiesta De Pilito by El Gran Combo

Tune: No Hay Cama Pa' Tanta Gente by El Gran Combo

Tune: Ojos Chinos Mini Mix by Selecta Rajah

Ojos Chinos ~ El Gran Combo
Por Que Sera? ~ Jota Mayuscula, Orishas, Ari
Dominicana ~ Tego Calderon

Frank "Sugarchile" Robinson

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spacecraft Cuisine.

Tune: Under the Spacecraft Mix

Roustabout {Bassnectar Mix} ~ Beats Antique
Kebab Konnektion - [dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa
Quien Llego ~ More Fire Clan & Kafu Banton
Ninguem Aguenta ~ Mc Roger & Ziqo
Shake {Yes King remix} ~ Empty Heads Feat Dynamite Mc
Rock da Funky Beats [dunkelbunt]
Usted no me da lo mio ~ Lebreke
Duggu Duggu ~ Vybz Kartel
Blaze N Cook ~ Stereotyp with Al'Haca
Push Am (Left, Right) ~ Banana Clipz / Cheif Boima
Kingston Logic ~ Terry Lynn
Banga feat MC Coppa ~ Sub Swara
Sur les traces de Fela ft Seun Kuti et Egypt 80 ~ Mokobe
El Hijo'e Puta Sin Saludar feat Juanes - Villa Dillamante's Tego mixtape
Super Good ~ Leningrad

Hunting and gathering for the planets finest ingredients under the emperor's spacecraft, Luis V and Ricky VI find no boundries in their gastronomic undertakings.

A Soul Cocina Video:

~I filmed some scenes inside of the Citizen Cake pastry kitchen about a year ago. {soundtrack by Banana Clipz - Push Am (Left, Right) }

Tune: Popcorn by Lightning Head

Tune: 7 Nation Army by The Dynamics

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puffin Island

It snowed in the Oakland Hills. I experienced a hail storm on top of my hill in San Francisco.
Italian Meringue can look like smooth snow peaks.

To make Italian meringue, you need to combine one cup of sugar with 1/2 cup of water in a small saucepan. heat to Soft ball stage, which occurs between 235°F – 240°F. As the sugar cooks, whip 5 eggs to soft peaks. Time the process so that the sugar reaches soft ball at the same time the eggs reach soft peaks. Slowly pour the sugar into the whites as you continue to whisk. Whisk to medium peaks. Fill a pastry bag with the meringue. Pipe and toast with a torch.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Azuki Beans.

This Japanese ice cream topping is just like the Easter time specialty from Dominican Republic, Habichuela con Dulce, the sweet red bean pudding. Helados Bon has an Habichuela con Dulce ice cream flavor. I made it once at Citizen cake, it was great, but the customers didn't order/understand it. "red bean ice cream?!"

Tune: The Soul Cocina Puffin Cumbia Mix

Zorzal ~ Rodante
Linda Muñequita ~ Los Hijos Del Sol
Como Colombiano Que Soy ~ Fruko Y Sus Tesos
Marcelo Fabian vs. Tego Calderon ~ Villa Diamante
La Cumbia Del Balero ~ El Mexicano
El Chuponcito ~ Sonora Tropicana
El Canoero ~ Los Warahuaco
Esperma y Ron ~ Pedro Laza y sus Playeros
Quinteto Imperial vs Busta Rhymes ~ Luis Luisao
El Nuevo Negrito De La Salsa ~ Fiebra Latina
Psych cumbia beat (shake it to the ground Chico Sonido mix) ~ DJ Blaqstarr + Rye Rye
Tabaco y Ron ~ Manuel De La Rocha
The Swarm (Zuzuku Cumbia Klash Remix) ~ Noble Society & 77 Klash
Cumbia Saramuya ~ Corraleros de Majagual
Ron De Vinola ~ Guillermo Buitrago
The Clap (Toy Selectah MexMor Mix) ~ Bostich+Fussible
El Polvorete ~ Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto
Coroncoro ~ Niña Emilia
La Cabulla ~ Pedro Ramaya
Zum Zum Babae ~ Ceferino Nieto y su Conjunto Bella Luna
El Canato ~ Los Soneros De Gamero feat Irene Martinez

It's been cold in San Francisco. The cholos in the neighborhood with the big black puffy jackets don't look so suspicious anymore. They just look like they are trying to keep warm like the rest of us.

Icelandic christmas cuisine:
smoked puffin
pickled beets

One Self (Yarah Bravo, DJ Vadim & Blu Rum 13)

Tune: I Don't Want Nobody
from the One Self 12"

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dr. Half Stupid. Still Stakin' Rupees.

"We got mole, menudo, the curry, tandoori, it's goin' down" - Chingo Bling

I remember first finding out about Haji Springer when I used to shop at Bombay Bazaar on Valencia Street in San Francisco. Back then he was called P.I.D. (Polithizzin Indian Dude) and he had a pimped out ride that was full of promotional custom work and stickers that was always parked in front of the shop. Today there are always posters up at Bombay Bazaar promoting his newest releases.

Tune: Indian Rapper by Haji Springer from the Hello Buddy Album. This tune sounds like a yellow bus ran over Ludachris, Ishq Bector, Timberland and Eminem.

Haji's persona highlights his Desi roots as well as his Bay Area Roots. He has created a character that makes fun of himself and his heritage while celebrating diversity. It also comes with a big dose of thizz and irresponsible lyrics. Flow is so so, gimmick is heavy, some of the beats are nice. He is unique. He holds it down for the bay and teams up with some local heavy hitters like Keak da Sneak. In true hyphy fashion, he has created a unique stage character, complete with stunna shades and a grill.
A lot of the production on the Hello Buddy album is by Bay Area legend Gennessee.

Tune: Purple Stuff [instrumental edit] produced by Gennessee

Tune: Hajiwood by Haji Springer also from the Hello Buddy album

from Hajiwood to Halalwood

Tune: Idman (Feat. Dar Gnawa, Sweetman & Staiffy) by U-Cef from the album Halalwood

Tune: Gnasaid by U-Cef from the album Halalium

Tune: Ya Rayah [urban fix] feat. rachid Taha by U-Cef

Tune: Ya Rayah by Rachid Taha

Tune: Ya Rayah [Sonar Remix] by Dahmane El Harrachi

Tune: Etmakhtary Yakheil by Ammar El Sherei from the album Ammar El Sherei Plays Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Tune: Ya Wabur Oully by Ammar El Sherei from the album Ammar El Sherei Plays Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Tune: Kalzoom (Feat. Amina Annabi) by U-Cef from the album Halalwood

Anta Oumri by Lole Y Manuel

Al Quivira by Lole Y Manuel