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Soul Cocina Day of the Dad Feast and Cumbia Haloween

Day of the Dead Feast at La Victoria by Soul Cocina
Friday Nov 2
2 seatings 6pm and 9pm


Las Joyas
Little Gem Lettuce • Verdolaga Pickle • Cactus Pear Vinaigrette • Pomegranate • Spiced Candied Walnuts

Don Buddha
Roasted Pumpkin Huarache • King Trumpet Mushroom • Purple Potato • Radish Leaf • Pumpkin Seed • Mole Verde

Chiles en Nogada 
Roasted Poblano Pepper • Picadillo • Walnut Sauce • Pomegranate 

Mano Negra
Mole Negro Oaxaqueño • Albondigas de Pavo • Dark Chocolate • Queso Añejo • Pickled Red Onions • Cilantro Rice

Pato Loco
Duck Confit & Platano Maduro Sope • Mole Manchamantel • Epazote Black Beans • Fermented Cabbage • Citrus Salt

Calaveras Literarias
Milk Chocolate Pot de Crème • Fortune Churros • Persimmon 


Las Joyas
Little Gem Lettuce • Verdolaga Pickle • Cactus Pear Vinaigrette • Pomegranate • Spiced Candied Walnuts

Don Buddha
Roasted Pumpkin Huarache • King Trumpet Mushroom • Purple Potato • Radish Leaf • Pumpkin Seed • Mole Verde

Chiles en Nogada 
Roasted Poblano Pepper • Turnip Puree • Walnut Sauce • Pomegranate 

Mano Negra
Mole Negro Oaxaqueño • Beet Fritters • Dark Chocolate • Squash Confetti • Pickled Red Onions • Cilantro Rice

Pato Loco
Platano Maduro Sope • Guacamole • Mole Manchamantel • Epazote Black Beans • Fermented Cabbage • Citrus Salt

Calaveras Literarias
Milk Chocolate Almond Custard • Fortune Churros • Persimmon

CHEE-BO Presenta- El Baile De Los Muertos Vol. 5 (2012)

01 Fantasma - Marcha Fantasma
02 Amandititita- La Mataviejitas
03 Mister Chivo- Soy Dracula
04 Baretto- No Juegue Con El Diablo
05 Chico Trujillo- Gran Pecador
06 La Hora De La Hora- El Hit
07 Monsieur Periné- La Muerte
08 Los Fabulocos feat. Kid Ramos- Un Puno De Tierra
09 La Santa Cecilia- La Negra
10 Ozomatli- Cumbia De Los Muertos
11 Los De Abajo- Los Lunáticos (Feat. Neville Staples, Dennis 'Badbone' Rollins)
12 Ska Cubano- Cumbia del Monte
13 Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters- Lobo Hombre En Paris
14 Dusminguet- Cumbia Bruja
15 Madame Kalalu- Cumbia Chicharra
16 DJ Berto- El Monstruo
17 Kortezia- Balança O Esqueleto
18 Cuarteto Imperial- Monstruo De La Cumbia (DJ Chueco Remix)
19 Son Tepito- Tema De La Muerte (Remix)
20 Despedida Y Cierre

Bonus Hidden track: Banda Conmoción- Corre Corre

Download it for free at this link:

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Indian Summer

As we begin the Indian summer in the Bay, let's revisit Dj Panamami's farewell to summer mix from this time last year.

The Rain (Douster Tropical Remix) by Missy
Elliott La Murga Skank by The Whiskey Barons
Real Thing (Sake’s Remix) by Erykah Badu
Streets Bulletin by Thornato
Pull Up The Poor (Don Dadda Remix) by M.I.A.
Pereo Intenso (Dj Sabo Remix) by
Empresarios Step Into A World (Rapture’s Delight) by Quantic Y Su Conjunto Los Miticos Del Ritmo
Mundo Enganador by Quetzal Guerrero
E Boi by Dj Reaganomics
Asi Asi Asi ft Noelia Fernandez by Atropolis
La Pava Congona (Señor Sabor Remix) by Andres Landero Y Su Conjunto
Cosita Buena vs Pun Pun Moombahton by Dj Legacy ft Supanova
La Reina by Captain Planet
Encore (Jay Z) Latin Victory Lap by Dj Zeph
Las Cuatro Palomas Remix by Geko Jones Dj Reaganomics
Sueltala by Dj Orion
O Mi Shango ft Mustafa (Mustafa Brazil to Africa Remix) by Sunlightsquare
Bullerengue (Original Mix) by Emeka
Miss Doctor (Dance Kill Move Remix) by 4X4
Tarahtid Instrumental ft Trim, Jammer by 4X4
Raver (Shy’s Guinness Punch Mix) by Shy
FX ft Donae’o Aroro (Nate Mars Remix) by Petrona Martinez
Jump Up Around by Leftside ft Shaggy

Tune: Indian Sun by Mungo's Hi-Fi feat Mus Bus 

Tune: Summerscent by Kids These Days from Hard Times EP

cool and humble

In the Bay!

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Sprouting Ideas

San Francisco get ready for Maga Bo!  The day he played in Chicago last weekend he brought a tropical storm that killed the electricity in my neighborhood and knocked down trees.  Maga Bo beautifully combines natural traditional acoustic rhythms with mind blowing bass and beats like no other.  It is not forced music.  Organic sounds produced locally and globally in an honest way. Just like the cuisine of Soul Cocina!  Rupture says it well:
“Maga Bo’s new album is a tremendous piece of work. He focuses on the soulful vocals and rhythmic complexity of roots music in his home country, Brazil. It’s beautifully recorded and mixed. Maga Bo reimagines global bass music from the ultra-informed, local standpoint — which means we get glorious call& response vocals, supple drumming, subtle sub-bass whomp. In short, this is the first Brazilian album i’ve ever heard which is indispensable for purist fans of Afro-Brazilian folk music *and* every DJ interested in mashing up the dancefloor with heavyweight electronic riddims. That’s a big claim, but this is a big album”  — DJ /Rupture

Sunday August 12

DUB MISSION presents 
DJ SEP, LUDICHRIS and special guest 
Celebrating the release of Maga Bo's QUILOMOBO do FUTURO 
at Elbo Room - 647 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 
Club is 21+ - Club info: 415 552 7788 
9 pm to 2 am - $7

His new album Quilombo Do Futuro is pure fire.  

Like the well crafted sounds of Maga Bo, the cuisine of Soul Cocina has a rhyme and a reason.  Our sprouted mung bean cakes may seem like an odd forced fusion dish, but there is actually a method to the madness.  I used to make dim sum style daikon cakes/ turnip cakes at Mu Du Noodles with the gracious chef owner Mu and the cook Maria.  The three of us were the only prep cooks for weekend dim sum brunches which always drew big crowds.  The daikon cake was one of my favorites from these days.  While cooking in the South Indian kitchen at Cidade de Goa with chef Vankatash, I added uttapan to my reperatoire of quick and easy dishes ("quick" besides the fermentation of the batter).  Vankaji taught me to sprout the beans first and to use other beans besides urad dal, like mung dal to make pessaratu.

This summer, while cooking in the Santa Cruz Mountains among the redwoods, I was looking for a way to bring extra love, nutrition and flavor to some guests with a few dietary restrictions.  I decided to combine the world of Mu's daikon cake and Vankaji's pessaratu with a bunch of extra veggies tossed in.

Vanka Mu Sprouted Mung Bean Cakes

• sprout 4 cups of mung beans
 Tune: Music for Sprouting Beans
• soak 4 cups of basmati rice overnight
• grind all the rice with some water to create a batter the consistency of pancake batter.
• grind half of the sprouted mung beans with some water and combine with the rice batter.
• mix in lots of grated daikon radish, grated carrots, chiffonade of kale or other hearty greens, garlic chives... (customize it!)

UTTAPAN/ PESSARATU STYLE • This batter can now be seasoned with a little salt and cooked in a skillet like an uttapam by frying in a tiny bit of rice oil or coconut oil like a pancake then top with chopped herbs and veggies, like scallions, more sprouted beans, grated kohlrabi... customize as you like.

TURNIP CAKE STYLE •Pour the seasoned batter into plastic wrapped lined loaf pans and steam for 30 minutes until set.  Then allow to cool and slice into wedges the size of sliced bread.  Fry the wedges in a little rice oil or coconut oil.

Tune: Intentalo VS La Negra Tomaza ft My Style Cumbiero and Timeless Cumbia ft. Manu Chao (Oralestyle)  by frijoleroryddim - OR@LESTYLE

Tune: Herbs around Baghdad (WeedBomb Refix) by Outkast & Collie Buddz vs Q3000 from Boon Blends via bdp mashups soundcloud

Thornato always seems to blend the organic with the electric in a very nice way.

we may have posted this following track before at Soul Cocina, but it is just that good....

After Miles davis played a fewstival with Sly and the Family Stone and Led Zeppelin, he decided to incorporate electronic instruments into his organic acoustic sound.  ... On The Corner ... Bitch's Brew...

You can cook at home, but if you cook in a restaurant, get hip to the lingo:

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Brick by Brick

Making it happen brick by brick.  Ladrillo por Ladrillo 

... or reclaimed piece of wood by reclaimed piece of wood!

sounds from the video from Izzy Wise

find out more about staring a food business, brick by brick or wheel by wheel in the Bay with some very interesting food folks:
Katie Kwan & Valerie Luu Rice Paper Scissors 
Craig Stoll (Delfina,Locanda)
Richie Nakano (Hapa Ramen)
Iso Rabins (ForageSF and Wild Kitchen).

Climbing the SF Food Chain
Location: Panel: SF Club Office; Pop-up Dinner: Foodlab, 1106 Market Street in the Renoir Hotel
Time: Panel: 6 p.m. check-in, 6:30 p.m. program. Dinner: 8 p.m. check-in, 8:30 p.m. dinner
Cost: $20 standard, $12 members, $7 students (with valid ID); Premium (includes the all-inclusive graffEats dinner and admission to panel) $75 standard, $60 members
Too bad the GraffEats dinner that follows is sold out.
more details here.

Tune: TCB

Tune: climb higher

Tune: recorded live in SF

Tune: chain music

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Friday, July 20, 2012

help some cooks out

Vote here

Building Our Dream Kitchen Together at Hapa on Fillmore Tune: It's The... by Mission from the LP One Tune: I Need A Dollar (Chrome Remix) by Aloe Blacc & Wu-Tang Clan

funny rap graphs

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Street Eats and Beats

Photo: John Sebastian Russo, The Chronicle / SF

Soul Cocina will be curbside at Public Works for NSB around midnight serving bhel puri to the beats of MC Eucalipse.

I'd like to invite any and all MCs out to perform/freestyle to the beats of Eucalipse.





Thursday, July 12, 2012


Tonight I have the pleasure of joining the Afrolicious crew at the Elbo Room in San Francisco.  I will be spending the day today grinding spices and simmering fish to nourish the party people as well as digging through my digital crates for those Afrogems to play on the Afrolicious soundsystem.
Afrolicious has been featured here at Soul Cocina numerous times, so my regular readers should be familiar.  If you are not hip to the Afrolicious experience, you need to come check it out and get familiar.  These guys are full of energy and positivity.  The live band drops funky afrobeats with thick bass and they have hosted some of the worlds greatest DJs and musicians as guests.  They continue to break down borders and raise the bar with their mixes and original productions. 

If you can't make it out tonight, Afrolicious will be playing with the amazing Novalima soundsystem tomorrow night at the Independent in SF.  I heard that Novalima killed it in Los Angeles and this show is not to be missed.

The Afrolicious DJs play great African music including the classics and the hot new ish:

And they have also been cranking out some dope OG materiel lately:

And a few new gems from SF's J Boogie:

And that real heat from DJ Theory:

And from beyond:

Beats are coming up.

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Zeb aka The Spy From Cairo's new album Arabadub will be released on May 29 on Nickodemus's Wonderwheel Records

Tune: Alladin Dub by Zeb - The Spy From Cairo from Arabadub

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Primavera Menu at Baru, New Orleans Monday April 30

Soul Cocina returns to New Orleans for one night to cook a very special Mexican Menu. 

We will serve some of our famous vegan dishes as well as dishes for all you meatheads with slow cooked Rabbit confit (scented with orange, cinnamon and ancho chiles), homemade green chorizo (pork belly and pork shoulder sausage spiked with fresh green chillies, clove and cilantro)

We will be serving this feast at the beautiful Uptown neighborhood Latin hotspot Baru Bistro and Tapas on Magazine Street.

As always, everything will be prepared fresh and by hand by chef Roger Feely.

Smoked Green Garbanzos ~ 5 VEGAN

Soul Cocina Pickled Veggies ~ 5 VEGAN

Sour Flour Mollete • Soul Cocina Chorizo Verde • Queso Fresco ~13
Sour Flour Mollete de Rajas • Salsa de Tomatillo ~9 VEGETARIAN

Rabbit Confit Chilaquiles ~14
Soul Cocina Chile De Arbol Totopos w/ Grilled Veggies ~10 VEGAN

Panucho de Pollo Pibil ~12
Cumin Scented Purple Potato Panucho • Pickled Onion • Achiote ~10 VEGAN

We recommend 2 – 3 dishes per person.

A Celebration of Mexico via Handmade Regional Cuisine using the bounty of the Bayou's Springtime ingredients by Soul Cocina 

3700 Magazine st.New Orleans, LA 70115

Monday April 30 7pm - 9:30pm

Facebook RSVP

Monday, April 16, 2012

Soul Cinema

What: Screening of Miss Bala and a few short films with food by Soul Cocina

When: May 19 • Sundown - 10pm
Admission: $3 or donation of edible plant to plant in the Soul Garden
Where: Clandestine Outdoor Location in Pilsen, Chicago
(attendees will be emailed the location a week prior to the event when they rsvp on eventbrite)

Halibut Ceviche • Plantain Chips ~$6
Bowl of Posole • Fresh Hot Tortilla Chips ~$7
Grilled Veggie Nachos • Soul Cocina Salsa ~$6
Carnitas Nachos • Soul Cocina Salsa ~$7
Add Guacamole ~$3
Paletas ~$3
Paleta Flavors - (Chile Mango • Pista Kulfi • Strawberry Basil • Tamarind Ginger)
Margaritas y chelas ~$3 - $8

Limited Space Available - RSVP today

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Here are a couple of tunes I was turned onto this weekend in Lubbock, Texas

Tune: Aa Ante Amalapuram music by Devi Sri Prasad from the Telugu film Aarya

And another fun Telugu song from Devi Sri Prasad

Tune: Nuvvu Ready Nenu Ready from the film King

Here's a little mix I made in the airport on my laptop on my way home from Texas.

Willi Willi Dance - Pati feat Didi, Rico & Rynz
Shyo - Bigiano
Chipolopolo - Poli
Fula Torin - Subsuelo
Lapaz Toyota - Guru
Sorkode -Keche
Vitumbuwa - 2wo -1ne

Vitumbuwas are sweet fritters sold on the streets of Zambia!

To make these tasty treats at home, simply mix together some flour with a pinch of salt and baking powder and sweeten to taste with a little sugar. Whisk in cold water until you get a thick pancake batter and then deep fry till golden. This is a standard Zambian snack and a crowd pleaser. Who dosn't like fried sweet dough?

But the Zanzibar version is what I really love. Made with rice flour instead of wheat flour and leavened with yeast instead of baking powder, the real beauty of the Zanzibar Vitumbuwa comes from the delicate infusion of cardamom and black pepper and the use of coconut milk in place of water.

Once I perfect the Soul Cocina sourdough Zanzibar Vitumbuwas, I will share the recipe.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Zyriabs Kitchen April 18

Who is Ziryab?

Soul Cocina will cook a menu inspired by the life and times of Ziryab. Ziryab brought many ingredients, cooking techniques, dining methods and culinary philosophies from Baghdad to Al-Andalus via North Africa in the ninth century. Many of these new styles of cooking and eating have contributed to the foundation of modern Spanish, North African and MIddle Eastern cuisines.

A family style feast at DODO created by Soul Cocina and inspired by the kitchen of Ziryab.

Wednesday April 18
DODO 954 W Fulton St
food served continuously from 6pm-9pm


Lamb Kibbeh

Fava – Chickpea Fritters

Muhammara (Syrian Pepper, Walnut,

Pomegranate Spread)

Kashkeh Bademjoon (Persian Eggplant Dip)

Ajo Blanco


Cucumber Salad

Bastilla (Squash or Squab)

Freekeh Tabbouleh

Grilled Spring Vegetables

Fesenjan (Chicken or root vegetable)

Dates filled with Pistachio

Zalabias con Chocolate

Tickets Available via Eventbrite

Friday, March 23, 2012


New LoCura video shot in the Mission and Marin Co. just debuted on the "What's hot" list of the National Geographic world music page.

Check out all the Mission fun. Fossil Fool's double decker pedal powered bicycle soundsystem "El Arbol" provides the audio!

The song Guerriller@s is on the LoCura album Caminante out later next month.

Be on the look out for the Bang Data remix of Guerriller@s which comes out next week as a limited time free download and features Deuce Eclipse on vocals.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I was inspired to bake the Iranian bread sangak for Persian New Year after reading about it on the Anissa blog. The first step to baking sangak at home is finding small smooth pebbles to bake the bread on. This bread gets its name from the farsi word for little pebbles.
The next step is to make a natural bread starter. To cultivate yeast in a natural starter, you must combine wheat flour and water and allow it to sit at room temperature for a day. Then every day for a week you must feed your starter with more flour and water so the yeast can grow and multiply and create the gas needed to leaven your bread. When the starter becomes active you must continue to feed the starter to keep it alive. Your starter is now ready to use for baking. For more info and guidance on creating a natural bread starter, check out We teach sourdough starter workshops in San Francisco and Chicago.

Sangak dough is wet. A 75% hydration will work beautifully. However, it can be tricky to work with if you are not used to baking with high hydration doughs. The key is to keep your hands and anything that touches the dough wet (bench, dough scrapper/cutter, bowl..). Combine together wheat flour, water, salt and your starter to mix the dough. The water should be 75% of the weight of the flour. Salt is 2.5%, and the amount of starter you add will determine how slow or fast the dough rises and how soon it will be ready to bake. I like to add just a little piece of starter for a slow rise. A slow rise will eliminate the need to knead the dough as much and it will also create a more complex flavor and will produce a superior crumb and crust. Sangak is traditionally made with a natural and slow sourdough leavening method.
After mixing the dough, allow it to rest for a few hours with a few short delicate kneading turns every hour or so. You will need to use wet hands when working with the dough to prevent sticking and tearing. After the final turn, form a tight ball and allow the dough to rest in a cool spot for about two hours. Then after it has proofed and relaxed, coat the dough with a little olive oil (I've heard they use peanut oil in Iran, but I like to use olive oil) and stretch the dough out to a long thin rectangle about 1/2" thick. You actually want it to tear a few holes in the dough in random spots and it is nice if the thickness is a little inconsistant to create diversity of texture when it bakes.
The oven should be preheated to as high as possible. Ideally, a wood burning oven at 700 degrees. But a home oven preheated with a thick baking stone will work. Smooth little pebbles, preferably smoothed out from time spent under the flow of a river, are spread out on the stone and preheated as well. After the dough is stretched out, it is flipped onto the preheated stones. In a home oven, bake until the bottom is golden and crisp then flip and continue baking briefly until the other side gets some color. Be careful, because at such high temperatures, this will happen quickly. In a wood burning oven, there is no need to flip the bread, as the radiant heat from the fire will bake the top as the bottom bakes from the conductive heat of the pebbles.

After removing the sangak from the oven, the pebbles will easily brush off. This bread is best served fresh.
I have made quite a few rounds of sangak this week. It is a wonderful bread.

Oldest mention of Sangak bread dates back to 1651

This tune by Barobax was inspired by Kourosh Yaghmaei's Havar Havar that was also remade in Urdu and the Bollywood tune Pyar Ki Pungi was a remake of this Barobax tune "Soosan Khanoom". Barobax is notorious in Iran for rewriting old Iranian classics and also using old children songs as inspiration. Like many other artists, filmakers and musicians, much of their work is censored and banned in Iran.

Tune: Nemiyad by Googoosh

I served the sngak with borani-e badamjan (yogurt-eggplant dip) which is basically an Iranian version of baba ganoush. This recipe is adapted from the extraordinary book on Iranian cuisine and culture "New Food of Life" by Najmieh Batmanglij

Borani-e Badamjan

2 large eggplants
½ cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 medium yellow onion, thinly sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
3/4 cup labneh, greek yogurt, or thickened strained yogurt (hung curd for my Desis out there)
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste
¼ tsp. crushed saffron, soaked in 1 tbsp. hot water
1 T fresh chopped mint
½ cup chopped walnuts or toasted sesame seeds (optional)
~I also added roasted bell pepper strips and lemon juice for my own variation.

Roast the whole eggplants in a 350 degree oven until very soft. Cool and scrape out the flesh, discarding the skin and stem.

Sautee the onion and garlic in the olive oil until soft and fragrant. Allow to cool.

Mash all the ingredients together and enjoy with fresh sangak.