Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miercoles De Maravilla

Every Wednesday at Soul Cocina will by Miercoles de Maravilla. As I digitalize my recipes and music, I will take a song or two from the vinyl vaults and a recipe from one of my old notebooks to share with you. The first Miercoles de Maravilla is today on a Thursday, because I was not able to upload this post yesterday while I was changing the domain name to from So let's just call today San Jueves.The first vinyl selection is nice cumbia from Venezuelan salsero Luis Felipe Gonzalez. This is a 45 on Zeida records. He also recorded on Disco Fuentes. I enjoy the interplay of the organ and the horns on this track. It gets a little New Orleans Dixieland influence at parts. A real gem all around. I also recorded the tune slowed down for a version rebajada.

Tune: La Saporrita by Luis Felipe Gonzalez

Tune: La Saporrita Rebajada

Here is a recipe I picked up in Venezuela almost ten years ago. The notebook has lots of great little notes, recipes and names of songs and artists. Like a little hand written soulcocina blog from the analog ages! The recipe has a funny name. GUASACACA! It is an essential condiment for late night street hot dogs that are found throughout Caracas [Luis Felipe Gonzales' hometown] wherever late night crowds gather.

The homestyle version of guasacaca is more chunky like guacamole, sometimes with pieces of boiled egg and tomatoes. This is the street vender version which is more thin, like a sauce with a little more spicy kick.


1/2 cup green aji dulce, small sweet green peppers [substitute chile poblano]
2 1/2 cups mashed, ripe avocado
1/2 teaspoon or more of minced habanero chile
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
1/2 cup chopped parsley
1/4 cup white vinegar
juice of one lime
1 cup home made aioli*

In a blender, puree all ingredients together to create a smooth, thick sauce. Add a little cold water as needed. Season with salt.

*Aioli recipe
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 egg yolks
2 Tablespoons lemon or lime juice
2/3 cup grapeseed oil

Whisk the garlic, yolks and juice in a medium bowl and slowly pour in the oil, whisking constantly until emulsified into a smooth and creamy aioli.

The next tune is from a real groovy group from Guadeloupe called Les Aiglons.

Tune: Pas Malpaler Michou by Les Aiglons on Disque Debs International Records from 1974

Soul Cocina Remembers MJ

In my third grade class all the kids tried to make the bones in our wrist stick out like MJ's did on the inside of the Thriller album. I was really into records even in third grade. If I recall correctly, back then in 1983, 8-track was dying out and cassettes had not come into popular use yet, so vinyl was the main source of recorded music. Madonna wasn't popular yet among the third graders, but she would become our next star in fourth grade with the release of "Like a Virgen". I never had any of her records, by the time she was popular a year or two later, we had moved onto cassette tapes and walkmen. Prince was huge. I stared at his Purple Rain album for almost as many hours as I stared at the Thriller album. I also had records by Van Halen and the Police. I pretended that Beat It was my favorite song. A tough song. Thriller too. But in reality, my favorite was "Human Nature". Oh, and "The Girl Is Mine" with Paul McCartney also. What did I cook back then? Meat rolls. They were thick homemade tortillas wrapped around cold cuts and sliced cheese. When I ran out of flour tortillas once, I read the ingredients on the package. I decided I could make tortillas from flour water and salt. They were thick, gooey, not fully cooked on the center and burned on the outside. Without any guidance, I pushed forward on my quest to create my favorite dish. A burrito! It was not great, but it was handmade. I stuck with it and finally learned how to make real tortillas [a few decades later]. today I still love making tortillas and eating burritos. I stil love Michael Jackson. Especially this song.

Tune: Human Nature by Michael Jackson from Thriller

"don't stop till you get enough" photo via

Creative Inspiration

See Spin Earth's report...

See Spin Earth's report...

And here is some music to cook to.

Tune: Cocinando by Ray Barretto from Que Viva La Musica

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Shoes and Old Hat

New films to see:

Pressure Cooker

Food Inc.

Old songs to hear:

Tune: Coal Miner by Nappy Brown
This is the only Nappy Brown song that sounds like this. Raw. Soulful. Primal.
The tune can be found on a cool comp called Boppin Rhytm And Blues

Tune: Miss Otis Regrets by The Four Blackbirds
Miss Otis Regrets has been recorded by many artists This is my favorite version. The tune can be found on a wonderful box set compilation called A Tribute to Black Entertainers - Recomended

New Mix to hear:
Tune: Hold the Line (b.cause check ya swag fix) by Major Lazer
More from B.Cause @ Daimonds in the Dust
There are gazillions of remixes out there for this tune. And I like a lot of them.
B. Cause gives it an old school hip hop feel by blending the vocals with a "Young Bree/Shawty Redd/Killer Mike instro". proper.
The OG track has been on the internets for a minute but I guess it is now official, cause I saw the 12 inch at Amoeba yesterday.

Blog to check:
Sonido Franko continues to share some heavy and deep gems with great background info on the artists, titles and genres he covers at Super Sonido A while back he shared some food themed tunes with me for my Beatwalla vs Hunger mix. I will finally have the mix ready by July 11th for the Jharna's Kitchen class.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Come out to Yerba Buena Center tonight for Big Idea Night: Ritual and Redemption I'll either be inside the taco truck or behind the scenes at the food market w/ the Mission Street Food gang.
Tune: Dumpa Truck by Vybz Kartel

Tune: Yaar Da Truck by Tony Chana

It will be a street food feast! Here's what I found on my favorite street this afternoon.

Coming soon to Mission Street "Vegan Nuevo Latino Cuisine"!?

Plus some Cumbia MP3s
Tune: Bibiana by Karol y su Amor Gitano

Tune: Caprichosa by La Clika

and Punta MP3s
Tune: Mi Tradicion by Kazzabe

Tune: Las Chicas Cumbiaberas by Eko Park

Tune: Ticky Ty tacky by La Raza Band

Tune: Freaky by Punta Rebels

Tune: Tickitatickita by Los Rolands ....expect more versions of this tune on Soul Cocina next week!

Tune: El Campanero (Krunk Kumbias Remix) by Aniceto Molina

Tune: Que Muera El Gavilan also by Aniceto Molina

Tune: Romance De La Luna by Camaron De La Isla from Calle Real

Tune: Yo Vivo Enamorao also from Camaron's Calle Real album.

Tune: Streets of Calcuta by Ananda Shankar

Tune: A Street In Bombay by Amancio D'silva

Tune: La Cumbiera by Policarpio Calle - Walter Dj remix via ALTOSCOLOMBIANOS

Tune: El Cantinero by Policarpo Calle

Tune: Asi Se Baila La Cumbia also by Policarpo Calle

Tune: Cumbia Callegera by Toty Dj remix via ALTOSCOLOMBIANOS

Tune: Code For The Street by 77Klash

Tune: Violence in the Streets by Julian Marley feat. Damian Marley

Friday, June 05, 2009

94110 Airwaves

In a few weeks on Get Smart Radio Dr. Daphne Miller, author of “The Jungle Effect: A Doctor Discovers the Healthiest Diets From Around the World - Why They Work and How to Bring Them Home.” and Traci Des Jardins will talk with host Deborah Pardes about "the challenge of making food taste good while it saves your life"

Listen to Daphne Miller talk about "The Jungle Effect" on KQED's Forum, from an interview earlier this year with Michael Krasny

Tune: Concrete Jungle by CéU

Tune: Bocu by Rogelio Darias y su Orquesta sounds like music from the depths of the jungle

The show will be broadcast LIVE from Coffee Bar on Bryant Street in SF up in the 94110! Same location as Eskender's Radio Africa Kitchen
Should be fun.
The food revolution continues!

Tune: Mi Bella Panama by Los Revolucionarios (Soul Revolution) from Panama! 2 Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk On The Isthmus 1967-77
Killer compilation.

Tune: Morenita Y Sola by Conjunto Folklorico de Azuero from the Fiesta Panamena LP

Tune: Tanya Diaz by Conjunto Tonosi from Con Todos Los Golpes Tipicos

The last time I checked a live radio broadcast on location was at Pirate Cat Radio tlast week. The dj played a nice mix from local DJ B. Cause.

Tune: Ice C.R.E.A.M Paint Job by Wu Tang x Dorrough Music mixed by DJ B. Cause

and from the 94110 ....The Genie

And from across the Bay... Santero
Now that you've had a few weeks to listen to Santero's new album, El Hijo de Obatala, what is your favorite track? Here's a great review of Santeros new album in case you have not heard it yet. Pick up the CD here.

And check This week's edition of Ghetto Palms by Eddie Stats at the Fader for a great Uproot Andy remix of Amadou and Mariam and a nice tropical mini mix.

Here are the Waiting in Vain remixes I like to play at the end of my sets that a few dancers have requested.
Tune: Drop It In Vain by S Vega x Snoop x Cham x Jax5 from a Jiggy 7"

Tune: Earth A Run Red [Healing in Vain Mix] by Richie Spice vs the Wailers from Al Fingers Records

Tune: Healing in Vain by Marvin vs Bob ~ a Nuffwish - Bangers R Mashed production

Tune: The Healer

Tune: How Long Do I Have To Wait For You {Ticklah Remix} by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings from Daptone Records

Tune: I Can't Wait

Tune: Meekly Wait by Hortenese Ellis w/ Derrick Morgan

Tune: Sexual Healing [IPlant Mix] from BLACKSOULREMIX