Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Musakhan by the Camel Cart. Come try some at Outside In #7

Soul Cocina records from Outside In #6 [photo by Juan Data]

Goat Curry from Soul Cocina and Sisig Taco from HapaSF at SF Street Food Festival

Tune: Sacrifice by Mandingo from Primeval Rhythm Of Life
Tune: Bird of Prey also by Mandingo from Sacrifice

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hunters and Scavengers

Search for Soul Cocina this Saturday in Napa at Scavenge di Rosa

Tune: Searching For Soul Pt. One by Jake Wade And The Soul Searchers

Tune: hunters harp by dirtwire

DJ Zeph's Sunset Scavenger LP from 2004 had to be renamed to Sunset Salvage after the SF garbage with the same name complained. The album cover had to be changed too. I'm glad I copped the OG LP before it was changed. But I did sleep on the OG Coup LP Party Music with the twin tyowers blowing up with a release date that predates 9/11.

Here is Boots Riley from the Coup on the second track from DJ Zeph's Sunset Scavenger
Tune: Shake it on Down by DJ Zeph feat. Boots Riley

Boots has a new project with the guitarist from Rage Aginst the Machine called the Street Sweeper Social Club and they have a new EP that is out today called The Ghetto Blaster.

DJ Zeph has a recently released project called Batidas Latinas check the tracks here. cop the mix here.

Check Azeem above as he rolls past La Victoria Bakery!