Sunday, December 20, 2009

Coup Catering

Piccadilly Catering
We Eating TV

Tune: Hurry on Down by Nellie Lutcher

Tune: Hurry On Now (ERIK.THE.RED's Tubbified Mashdown) by Alice Russell

Tune: Getting Nowhere In a Hurry by Roy Budd

Tune: It's My Thing by Betty Moorer

It's Your Thing by Dennis Coffey and Lyman Woodwa

Tune: It's a New Thing (It's Your Thing) w/ The Isley Brothers by De La Soul

Tune: It's My Thing by Marva Whitney

Do Your Thing {Instrumental} by Kashmere Stage Band

Tune: Do Your Thing by Lyn Collins

Tune: It's Your Thing by Alton Ellis

Tune: Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On by Chuck Carbo

Tune: La Lechuza by Los Ahijados Cuco y Martin Valoy

And if you love Afro Colombian music and culture like I do, don't miss out on this post about Batata over at Generation Bass

And if you are in SF on Monday {today}, check the homegirl Smitten Ice Cream at 111 Minna for some holiday ice cream.

Dope dub using loop technique like The Genie. One of the only "Electronica Dub" producers that infuses Middle Eastern sounds without going cheeseball {see all the Asian Underground - Arabesque, etc etc compilations from the past decade or two}

Listen to Santero on NPR
Don't miss your opportunity to pick up some great Christmas gifts, taste the best of the Bay's food cart cuisine and get your holiday cheer on with great peeps to the soudtrack of the Bay's greatest DJs tomorrow night @ OUTSIDE IN at 330 Ritch from 6pm - 2am

Slow Jams will have holiday jam to funk up your stockings


Doner Dunya by 3 Hur-El from Hurel Arsivi

Tune: Kol Basti also by 3 Hur-El from Hurel Arsivi

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Underground Farmers Market

Tonight is the debut of San Francisco's Underground Farmers Market
Thursday December 17th, 5-11pm

2755 Bryant St, SF



forageSF: Acorn flour, fresh wild mushrooms, wild fennel seeds, huckleberry jam, wild Blackberry jam, and CSF gift certificates
HeartBaker: Makes some amazing baked goods
Slow Jams: Great homemade jam
Will Schrom: Homemade sarsparilla (maybe the best soda you've ever tasted)
Captain Blankenship: Soaps and salves
: Gingerbread houses
Garden Fare: Edible garden gift boxes
The Golden Crust: Pies, pies, pies
The Girl From Empanada: Homemade empanadas
Lauren & Jon Bowne: Homemade Jewish deli fare (think corned beef, not gefilte fish)
Five Flavors Herbs: Wild foraged tinctures

More info on Iso Rabins & Forage SF

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

La Tanda Del Bus

This Mixtape/ Album is on repeat at Soul Cocina.
<a href="">La Tanda Del Bus intro by Los Rakas</a>

Check Papalote on the Food Network for a burrito throwdown with Bobby Flay on Feb 17th. And catch Mr E at the Little Skillet Outside In at 330 Ritch next Tuesday.

Tune: Mr. E's Badu vs Sade Mix

This weekend Bay Area journalist Dara Karr filled me in on a new kind of culinary experience... Dirt Tasting!? yeah!Ain't where ya from it's where ya at! Can you taste where ya at?

Photo via Culinate
Experience a dirt tasting
Peep Dara's video on the skate park at Defremery Park in Oakland. First time I saw Los Rakas live was at this park. "Oakland Love Supreme"

Dub Gabriel feat. U Roy- Luv n" Liv (Roots Mix)-Out 2010 by DESTROY ALL CONCEPTS

Creme Brulee Man at Fabric8
Catch Soul Cocina at Fabric8 this week for the last Fabric8 Food Fridays of the year

Sunday, December 13, 2009


A holiday fundraiser for Casa De Las Madres and St Anthony Foundation

Tuesday Dec 22
330 Ritch Street
6pm - 1:30am

This party is an 18 and up event!

brought to you by

Little Skillet - Fabric8 - Papalote - Soul Cocina - Cento - Wholesome Bakery

Street Food
Top Local DJs
Holiday Vendors
Family Party Vibe

Chai Cart
Slow Jams
Chile Lindo
Lumpia Cart
Soul Cocina
Adobo Rollo
Gumbo Cart
Pizza Hacker
Adobo Hobo
Evil Jerk Cart
Brazilian Bites
Cookie Wag SF
That Guys Fries
Bike Basket Pies
Creme Brulee Cart
Gobba Gobba Hey
Wholesome Bakery
Good Foods Catering
El Porteno Empanadas
The Bay Area Soul Food Lady

Mind Motion (cream of beat)
Chuey Gomez (kmel)
Doc Fu (red wine)
Umami (peaches,FML)
Selector Kirk (Sweaterfunk)
MR E (Papalote Hi Fi)
Cutso ( fingerbangerz)

Live Painting by Marcus Murray

RSVP on the
Facebook page

Monday, December 07, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

The first Outside In... more to come soon
thanks to the DJs:
DJ Tee Money
Yummy Melon
Chief Boima
{Boima's "Africa by the Bay" EP on Dutty Artz free release tomorrow TODAY}
Roger Mas
Selector Ben {we had to cancel his set, but look for him at the next one}
Jazzy Fausto

Two tunes from the Ital Jockey Riddim

Inside Out by Cocoa Tea

Eyes on the Prize by Gyptian

And don't miss the Perfect Lover tune by Pressure on the same riddim.
For more roots and culture get familiar with the Evil Jerk Cart
If ya don't know.... now ya know!

Tune: Soldier of Love by Sade via BoxKev

very big new tune from the princess Sade. Same old smooth hypnotic soul with a beat from the future. Big up all the soul soldiers of love!

Tune: Baby It's Cold Outside by Hot Lips Page and Pearl Bailey {thanks Mark!}

I'll leave you with some off beat Caribbean Christmas chunes

Tune: Dime a Vel, Mambo Navideño by Rita Indiana y los Misterios featuring Vakeró, Juliana y Daniel Santacruz

more Rita Indiana @ Tumai

Santa Flaws! (Cocotaxi Remix) by Prince Zimboo

Follow Prince Zimbo on Twitter for daily cooky rhymes
Yeah, Prince Zimboo, Heh!

Get the music and details from Dutty Artz