Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What's This?

For the second installment in the "What's This?" series, I am looking for the name and use of two items. First,the vegetable thingy that is black outside and white inside in the photos above. Second, the fruitchamacallit in the photos below. Pictures taken on the streets of Bombay.

Tune: What's That? by Tony Touch w/ Mos Def and De La Soul from The Piece maker LP


Shobitha said...

The first fruit is called Toddy Palm seeds. Don't know the second one.

musical said...

Palm hearts/seeds (the translucent ones) :). Dunno' about the other one, may be water chestnut/singhara? Thats what it looks like. We roast or boil it and traditionally enjoy it with roasted or boiled sweet potatoes :).

perspective said...

the black fellow is water chestnut certainly... we boil it in water and peel out the white inside and eat it...tastes a little like a peanuts.. Traditionally, in my mother tongue, its called "Shingoda"

and the yellow fruit is a palm fruit... coming from the palms known as "toddy". Toddy fruit would be it...
A black shell, contains about 3 of these pockets, and in them are these yellow fruits. Carefully you peel off the yellow cover to reveal the white inside. Its full of water and juice... totally perfect in summers!
We call it "Talfadi" meaning the fruit of Toddy!

Vani said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Roger! I have not seen the black fruit (veggie?) but the translucent one is called "Thaati Ningu" in Kannada and it is the fruit of the toddy tree, as others have said.

Bharathy said...

I KNOW!!!,,
Came by thru malabar spices..
No idea of the black fruit..

The translucent fruits are NONGU (in tamil..south India)This is a fruit(not heart) from palm /arecanut (of cocnut family)The outer skin golden skin is discarded and the transparent fruit is sweet and watery.Blended with coconut water to make smoothies...
Palm fruit,a tropical summer spcality and an EXCELLENT body cooler!

Picture of the palmyrah and details here

More about NONGU/palm fruit here


:D...hope I am thru !:)

Sig said...

hey Roger, looks like your question has been answered already :)

Purnima said...

Roger..being a Mumbai-ite, hv to answer--black ones-Shingara, Transculent-Tadgolas(toddy fruits)I ate ample of them during my pregnancy!

Mallugirl said...

hmm. looks like ur ques has been answered already!

RP said...

Looks like palm seeds..

Mona said...

Hi Roger, I know what those two things are called, and some of my foodie friends have already answered you.
Well, in our language Urdu, the first thing which is black outside and white inside is called as 'Singaada' and the other thing is called as 'Munjal'. I looooooooooooove Munjal. Used to have lots and lots of them when i was in India.


Divya said...

Dang, so many have answered your question already, my job here is done. I like your blog though, got here via Deepa-Cooks. Great job!


Meera said...

The first one Taadgole as they are called in Mumbai. My favorites! Haven't eaten them in ages.

The black ones are "Shingada". I am from Mumbai. I have to answer it right, right?;-)

haren said...

Meera is right
If you wanted to buy it in mumbai than let us call them what Mumbaigara calls them.it is tadgole and shingoda.

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