Friday, September 05, 2008

Beet Root Bhaji

A bhaji is an Indian vegetable stir fry.

I am planning on making my version of beet root bhaji for Sunday's Soul Cocina Feast
When I was going through my notes for the menu, I began to crave this dish, so I made a small sample for lunch.

Beet Root Bhaji

Toast grated coconut over low heat in a saute pan until the coconut turns golden.

Heat virgin coconut oil in a hot pan and add kalonji seeds and sesame seeds.

When sesame seeds turn golden, add curry leaves, minced garlic, minced tumeric and minced ginger along with a few chopped chile peppers.

Saute over medium heat until curry leaves are nicely toasted. add boiled or roasted chopped beets (I used chiogga and yellow beets that were roasted in the oven at 325 degrees with olive oil and salt until tender).

Season and enjoy.

This recipe is popular in Goa and Maharashtra where the kalonji and sesame seeds are replaced with mustard seeds and other spices like cumin and coriander. They often used grated beets and cook with the coconut and spices plus a little water to cook the beets instead of using precooked, boiled or roasted beets.

I love the original version with mustard seeds. But it's nice to bust out the kalonji seeds for this recipe. Whenever I use this spice, I have to listen to the sounds of Sizzla Kalonji.

Tune: A Wha Dat (remix) by Sizzla Kalonji

Tune: Los Borrachos de Babylon by Negro Moreno blending Sizzla Kalonji and Los Barriletes
Check out CABEZA for more fire from Negro Moreno.

Tune: Armed and Dangerous by Sizzla Kalonji on the Tabla riddim

Tune: Can't Stop Me Now by Sizzla Kalonji on the crazy Kasablanca riddim
I picked up a bunch of records on this riddim a few years ago at the now defunct Wisdom Records (R.I.P.) and there are some wacky themes and lyrics on most of the tunes that ride this riddim.

The kalonji bush grows from Indonesia to Turkey and Italy.

Tune: Lambaya Püf De by Barış Manço

Tune: Tavuklara Kiss De (An odd version of Lambaya Püf De) by Barış Manço

Estarabim by Erkin Koray

Tune: Dolana by Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra

Tune: Le radici ca tieni by Sud Sound System


Tune: Terang Bulan by Sahilin & Siti Rohmah

Tune: Stambul Lamba by Gambang Kromong Slendang Betawi and directed by Ustari.


Mark said...

Thanks for this. Glad you're back on the interwebs.

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