Thursday, February 04, 2010

Little City Gardens

A few weeks ago, the ladies at Little City Gardens picked some braising greens from their garden for my Mexican Feast at Little Baobab. The greens were wonderful and grown just a few blocks from where they were cooked and eaten. They are trying to do what they do best. GROW. Yes grow as in plant a seed and watch it grow, but also grow as in growing bigger. And they could use your help.

Help an Urban Farm Grow!

Little City Gardens is a blossoming urban farming business located in the Mission District of San Francisco. Farmers Brooke Budner and Caitlyn Galloway produce an artisinal salad mix, braising mix and culinary herbs, which they sell weekly to a restaurant, and neighborhood subscribers. As they work, they are developing and analyzing the potential of urban micro-farms to be financially viable within the local market economy. Little City Gardens seeks to serve a diverse population and to build a community dialogue about food systems, by involving and educating members in their processes and problem-solving.

They are expanding this spring to a larger lot and need your help to raise the funds for start-up capital! Meet Caitlyn and Brooke, learn more about their project, their plans, and their fundraising campaign at or check out their blog:


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