Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Italian menu with Pizza Hacker and Jilli Ice Cream & Soda

photo: Ariel Dovas

Tune: Nagasaki by Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli

Menu for Tuesday March 15 at The Corner


Margherita 16

Local, Organic, Heirloom tomato sauce, Fresh Basil, Fresh Buffalo
Mozzarella, Reggiano Parmigiano, Bariani Olive Oil, Alderwood
Smoked Salt

Marinara 13 (vegan/no-lacto available)

Heirloom tomato sauce, Freshly minced garlic, Oregano, Reggiano
Parmigiano, Bariani Olive Oil, Alderwood Smoked Salt

The Big Sting 15

Stinging Nettles, Sheep's Milk Ricotta Salata, Garlic, Parmigiano
Reggiano, Bariani Olive Oil, Smoked Salt, Calabrian Chili Paste
(Adding Riverdog Sausage or Egg highly recommended)

Riverdog Farms Heritage Pork Sausage +3
Fatted Calf Bresaola (air cured Beef) +3
Fra'Mani Nostrano (mild salumi) +2
Riverdog Farm egg +2
Calabrian chili paste +1

Soul Cocina

Caesar Salad • Sour Flour Croutons ~9.25

Burrata Arancini • Roasted Garlic Aioli ~11.50
Spicy Lamb Sugo Linguine • Pecorino Romano ~14

Jilli Ice Cream and Soda

Red Beet & Chocolate Guinness Cake Sundae 7

Drizzled with hot fudge and topped with a beet chip

Sarsaparilla & Guinness Chocolate Float 7

Our version of the root beer float: Sarsaparilla root beer and
Guinness chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate shavings

Roger That

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