Friday, May 09, 2014


SERES and Foodscapes come together to bring you this unique dining experience that aims to inspire action, discussion and thought in the progressive Chicago North Side space the Rib Cage.

A multi-course interactive storytelling feast with corn as the featured ingredient under the roof of The Rib Cage. We follow the route of corn from seed to table and discuss the journey it takes and the impact this journey has on the world.

Plus video screenings of Project SERES youth leaders in Central America


IMLI POPCORN - Tamarind popcorn

IZQUITL - Warm corn salad with garlic lime aioli, cotija cheese, cilantro and smoked chile pequin powder


PUFFED CORN BHEL PURI - Puffed corn tossed with mint chutney, green mango, purple potato and sweet tamarind served in a Gujrati newspaper

BLUE CORN HUITLACOCHE QUESADILLA - Hand made blue corn tortillas hug the corn fungus known as huitlacoche along with melted chihuahua cheese served with Soul Cocina salsa

POZOLE VERDE - This classic Mexican slow cooked hominy stew is tinted green from roasted tomatillos, serrano chiles and braised greens

HUSHPUPPIES & MALA SAUCE - Hot corn kernel fritters with a numbing chile and sichuan peppercorn sauce

CHEESY SOFRITO SHRIMP N GRITS - Garlicy prawns sauteed with simmered peppers and tomatoes over stone ground grits cooked in a cauldron with milk and cheese.


Suggested donation of fifty to one hundred dollars to go towards the food sovereignty work of SERES and Foodscapes in Central America. 

About the hosts and their passions...

The Rib Cage
the ribcage is a social playground, home to an intentional community. we are growing a compassionate, creative safe space. we do not exist in a vacuum; our efforts here are only one method for building the just and beautiful society we would like to see in the world. we expect our community to:

practice radical consent - ask first!
foster communication
cultivate honest relationships
follow through and learn from mistakes
interrupt oppressive dynamics
try to understand how power and privilege work in our lives
grow aware of our boundaries and push open our minds~~~~~~~
make yummy foodz
the ribcage is a sometimes-public and sometimes-private space; navigate our home with empathy.

Project SERES
SERES mission is to create a new generation of future makers, supporting the emergence of local leaders by educating and empowering young people to launch and lead environmentally sound programs. SERES work seeks to create impact by empowering vulnerable communities to address our most critical issues starting with the least likely source: the youth. As the voices of the future who will be left with a legacy of unresolved environmental, social and economic problems, SERES recognizes that engaging with and involving this generation is essential in the development of smart solutions that lead us towards healthy, thriving and sustainable societies.
SERES current focus is on youth and young adults in Guatemala and El Salvador, where there are 15 million people – more than 60% of the population – aged under 30 years of age. Our goal is to harvest this untapped potential and use it to create positive change for good.

Foodscapes is a project that explores the journey of ingredients from seed to table by young leaders across the Americas. The journey is documented in live space through creative expression at events and within workshops using culinary arts, storytelling, dance, music and theatre. The journey will also be documented in virtual space through creative expression on-line via a web-series using video, photography, poetry, sound and more. We also record snippets of the sounds created on the journey (tractors, train rides, sizzle of oil on the grill, slapping of tortillas against palms...) to use as the sound samples to build the musical score/audio collage.

Have questions about Foodscapes or SERES?

Any food leftovers will be donated to Pilsen Food Not Bombs 

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