Friday, September 01, 2006

Another Soul Cocina Supper

Green plum spring rolls with Santa Rosa plum chile dipping sauce and coconut peanut dipping sauce
The rolls are filled with bean sprouts, green plum, rice noodles, scallion, basil, mint, cilantro, and red onions and carrots that I pickled in my plum vinegar.

Ahi tuna tartare on crispy coconut rice crackers
The tuna is tossed in yuzu juice and soy sauce before serving. It sits on avacado with sea salt, wasabi aioli, on a coconut rice cracker. I cooked coconut rice, dehydrated the rice, and deep fried the rice to make scrumptious crispy salted coconut rice crackers. The tuna is topped with scallions and young ginger that is picckled in the plum vinegar.
Roasted burdock root and lotus root with miso glazed shitake mushrooms.

Root tune: Root of All Evil by Dan Boadi & The African Internationals a musician from Ghana now based in Chicago. This cut was recorded in 1978. Find it at Dusty Grooves Chicago

Roots Tune: Roots Train by Junior Murvin with toasting by Dillinger, produced byLee "Scratch" Perry

Roots Tune: African Roots also by Lee "Scratch" Perry

Tune: Also enjoy Selecta Beatwalla's Roots Train Mix

Sesame seared opah with wakame - black moss salad and shitake sushi rice fritter The fritter was a big success. It was inspired by the arancini di riso we have been doing at Hands on Gourmet Instead of risotto I used sushi rice and instead of an Italian filling I stuffed the rice with miso glazed shitake mushrooms then I fried the whole cylinder shaped fritter in panko (Japanese bread crumbs) The sauces are hot mustard sauce and wasabi aioli. I also searved this with cucumber froth. Cucumber juice and yuzu juice bubbles. There was no time to photo the froth because it is nice and delicate and has to be served right away.

Green tea rice crepe with sauted cherries in port reduction, and genmai candy with green tea pocky stick The crepe was a variation on the pokemon mochi crepe. The genmai candy and the matcha powder came together to create the flavors of genmaicha tea. The pocky stick is a grissini coated in green tea white chocolate.

Tune: Sanose (It's Japonese) by Ali Hassan Kuban from the real Nubian album.

Young ginger crème brûlée served with sesame cookie, golden kiwi, toasted coconut, and black sesame pocky stick with a mioga garnish

Instructional Audio Clip: How to Plan a Dinner Party (1961) brought to us by Gaynor & Dorothy Maddox, two foodies from the early sixties. From the Carlton Record Corporation.


Massive Delts said...
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Massive Delts said...

Looks delicious, I am tempted to lick my monitor.

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