Tuesday, September 12, 2006

India Classic Remix

I made some puris this weekend. I didn't fill them with tamarind, garbanzos, and mint chutney. Instead, I gave it my own twist. Here is a clue on the right. More pics and details of my Indian Classic Remix coming soon, before I depart for Bollywood.
Bollywood Tune: Don't Stop Till You Get to Bollywood by Bollywood Freaks from the Bollywood Gangster 7"

I am not the only one putting my own spin on Indian classics.
Film India is a mix of classic and obscure Bollywood film songs mixed, edited, and cut by Bay area DJ Romanowski
I found this cd at Fabric8 on 22nd st near Valencia St in San Francisco.
Here are some sample tracks:
Bollywood Tune: Film India track 39
Bollywood Tune: Film India track 40
Bollywood Tune: Film India track 41
Bollywood Tune: Film India track 42
Bollywood Tune: Film India track 43

Bollywood Tune: Film India track 33
Along with track number 36, this is one of my favorites on the mix. There is a serious beat that rolls throughout.
Romanowski's Party in My Pants is being remixed by heavywheights like Bay Artists DJ Zeph, J Boogie, and others. DJ Zegon, one of my favorite Cali DJs, is also working on the Party Pants Remix project.
Zegon's Brazil Export EP has some crazy electro funk beats that are a little less harsh than straight up baile funk. It is Hip Hop with Brasilian breaks and Brasilian roots rhythms, very tight and unclassifiable.

Beats: Brasil Crunk Funk by DJ Zegon from Brz-x-port-brk EP


Elena Hernandez said...

Hellooo!! Could you please please please give the recipe for the puris? ;) Do you use a mix or do you make them from scratch?



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