Friday, March 26, 2010

Soul Cocina Vegan Feast at La Victoria on April Fools Day

Every first Thursday of the month I prepare a special vegan menu at
La Victoria Bakery
2937 24th St @ Alabama

Here is the menu for next Thursday

Asparagus & Meyer Lemon SOUR FLOUR Flatbread $11
w/ mixed greens from Gastronomer Garden & local strawberries in coriander vinaigrette

Wild Foraged Mushroom SOUR FLOUR Flatbread $12
w/ radish and mustard blossom salad in poppy seed – mustard vinaigrette

Salt Fermented Heirloom Vegetables $4

Fresh Steamed Green Garbanzos $3.50

Wild arugala salad w/ roasted beets $9
Blood orange , cara cara, walnut

Fried Organic Plantains $6
w/ slow simmered black beans & Dende Powder

Sopes $12
Hand Made cactus tortillas frilled w/ squash in radish leaf-pumpkin seed mole and garlic-cumin purple potatoes over salsa de venas & jalapeno cabbage slaw

Ras El Hanout Tajine of Artichoke, sunchoke and Favas $15
w/ root vegetable charmoula over Israeli Cous Cous w/ Soul Cocina Preserved Lemons and Harissa

Local Braised Greens $13
w/ black garbanzos over Brown Basmati Rice with Mint Chutney and tamarind glaze.

Dessert By Wholesome Bakery
Truffle medly : Butterscotch, Pecan , Coconut and Chocolate truffle

Coconut Milk Horchata ~ $4


Dave Quam said...


I gotta try this!

Soul Cocina said...

DQ! wassup fam. Come to SF and I'll have some waiting for you . In the meantime...
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup almonds
1 1/2 cups rice
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1 cup fresh grated coconut
small piece of cinnamon
1 clove

~toast all the ingredients and grind in a blender with just a little water and water from inside the coconut to form a smooth paste. Thin paste to desired consistency with water and/ or milk. Mix in a syrup made from boiling piloncillo in water to sweeten, or use sweetener of your choice. Serve over ice.

Dave Quam said...

how should I toast the ingredients?

I am gonna try and make it out to SF someday soon!